Intestinal dysbiosis will increase metastasis of breast cancer! University of Virginia Cancer Center initiated a research and discovered that inflammation of intestine and increase the invasion and metastasis of breast cancer.

// Dr. Melanie Rutkowski, the doctor of Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology, discovered that when they destroy the microbiome of mice, it can cause The hormone receptor-positive breast cancer* becomes increasingly invasive. The microbiome in the gut and other places of the body are initiated to be more reactive and cause the metastasis of cancer cells.

The investigation also discovered that the mice which had gut dysbiosis induced systemic inflammation, including the breast tissues. In the inflamed area, the tumour cells are easily extended to other organs, such as blood an lung. To conclude, gut microbiome can increase the risks of breast cancer cells invasion and metastasis. Therefore, the healthy gut microbiome is extremely important for human health.


*Hormone receptor-positive breast cancer refers that the cancer growth is induced by hormones (female hormones and Progesterone). Over 60% of patients suffering from breast cancer belong to this group.




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