The intestinal microbe can affect brain!

Everyone knows that stress may cause GI diseases. However, California Institute of Technology of United States had a research suggested that the cause of Autism may be the gut microbe. This may be treated as a breakthrough for treatment of Autism in the future. The research discovered that there was a significant difference between the gut microbiome of the normal children and young patients with Autism. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that the proportion of constipation or chronic diarrhoea is 3.5 times higher than the normal children.

Research personnel transform the mice to undergo the experiments, which the mice expressed symptoms of Autism, such as anxiety and unconcerned. Researches showed the concentration of 4EPS in the mice is 46 times higher than the normal mice, which was identified to be the essential biomolecule to affect behaviours. 4EPS is made from gut microbe and it is believed to be produced in the intestines of mice. On the other hand, if they injected 4EPS into the healthy mice, they will become anxious. Researchers mixed B.fragilis (probiotics treatments for GI diseases in mice) into the food of mice. They found out that the anxiety levels of mice were reduced.

The importance of gut microbiome should not be omitted. Scolars siggested that there should be more investigation on the relationship of gut microbiome and Autism in order to develop the treatments for children with Autism and thus boost their confidence in dealing with the disorder.


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