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Eczema and intestinal dysbiosis related? Probiotic treatment should be applied with the right target. What is the use of stool collection for gut bacteria DNA testing?

《 Ming Pao 》

Gut microbial research is a heat topic lately. Precision medicine can prevent malignant diseases.

《 Sing Tao Daily 》

Study reveals more than 60% of chronic diseases patient suffer from intestinal dysbiosis, advocates supplementation of probiotic strains

《 》

Study says more than 60% of chronic disease patients with intestinal dysbiosis. Experts advocate supplementation of probiotic strains to improve.

《 Topick 》

Study points out that Hong Kong people's sub-health problems are widespread, the gut microbiome is more imbalanced​

《 Commercial Daily 》

Study finds over 30% of healthy people have mild bowel imbalance, reflecting the prevalence of sub-health problems

《 TVB 》

38% of healthy people have intestinal dysbiosis. Probiotics help reduce diarrhea constipation eczema

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Research has found that an imbalance in gut microbiota can lead to eczema, constipation, and obesity. Tailored probiotics can be used to address these suboptimal health issues.

《 Bastille Post 》

Study: Poor sleep and depression are linked to gut dysbiosis. Supplementing with probiotics can help alleviate these issues

《 Sing Tao Daily 》

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Solutions: Preventing, Detecting and Improving Child Developmental Disabilities

Event Date: 12/6/2021

We have invited Prof. TSUI Kwok-Wing Stephen and Dr. Allen Chi-Shing Yu to talk about the relationship between gut health and children’s physical and mental development, such as autism. There is also a free consultation period where you can ask for expert advice on the spot.

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The myth of eczema - completely cured? Quit steroids? East meets West?

Event Date: 29/5/2021

We were honored to have Dr. Loo, Dr. Tsui and
Ms. Lee to help our children to relieve the symptoms of allergy, so that parents can learn more about what to look for in managing eczema.

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Inauguration of the Society of Gut Microbiome

Event Date: 19/11/2019

The Society of Gut Microbiome was established to promote the exchange of knowledge in gut microbiome and to encourage and support
education and training in gut microbiome science.